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The Developers Group News Archive
Past News Items


Launch of Delphi 8 (3 Nov)
for the Microsoft .NET Framework

See also Bob Swart's BorCon Report

Microsoft shows Longhorn (27 Oct)
WinFX evolution of .NET progamming framework

Open Letter to the Delphi Community (2 Oct)
Octane = Delphi for .NET

C#Builder vs. VS.NET (1 Oct)
Comparative review by Joe Mayo (in C#Pro).

Borland C++BuilderX (15 Sept)
Cross-platform (wxWindows) and mobile C++ development

The MSDN Show (29 Aug)
all about Managed Code

BUG Newsgroups Reorganised (22 Aug)
please refresh newsgroup list

C#Builder Update Pack #1 (11 Aug)
available for download

C#Builder Personal and Trial (1 Aug)
editions available for download

Microsoft TechEd Europe (30 Jun-4 Jul)
at Barcelona, Spain

Borland includes MSDE (2 June)
C#Builder will include MS SQL Server Developer Edition

DevExpress acquires Eagle Software (16 May)
Mark Miller added to R&D Team

Borland Launches C#Builder (6 May)
for the Microsoft .NET Framework

Borland Closes Gap Between .NET and J2EE (6 May) with Janeva

Windows Server 2003 (24 Apr)
& Visual Studio .NET 2003 launched

Borland C#Builder Preview (24 Apr)
and comments on the preview

Octane and Delphi Q&A (16 Apr)
Q&A about the future of Delphi

Delphi 6 RTL 3 Update (11 Apr)
Fix for frame streaming

.NET Framework 1.1 (9 Apr)
Available for download now

DotNet Developers Group launches (13 Mar)
Press release in Word or PDF format

Delphi for .NET Update (20 Feb)
includes Dfm2Pas tool

First SideWinder Screenshots (7 Feb)
C# development with .NET IDE

Borland's Project SideWinder (4 Feb)
C# development with .NET IDE

Borland Licenses .NET Framework SDK (28 Jan) for distribution with Borland tools

Borland Completes Acquisition (15 Jan)
of StarBase and TogetherSoft

TurboPower discontinues retail business (7 Jan)
VCL/CLX libraries to go Open Source


Borland Acquires Assets of BoldSoft (7 Oct)
integration with BoldSoft solutions

Delphi for .NET (1 Oct)
as plug-in for the Delphi 7 IDE

IBM and Borland bundle forces (19 Aug)
IBM's DB2 with Borland's RAD Tool Trials

Borland Delphi 7 Studio (6 August)
Delphi 7 Architect, Enterprise, Professional and Personal editions

Borland Announces Kylix 3 (23 July)
Delphi and C++ for Linux

Delphi 6 Updates for the RTL (23 June)
and dbExpress driver for Informix 9.2.1

Borland Speeds Development of Web Services and Wireless Applications With New Java Technologies (12 June)

Borland Web Services Survey Results (11 June)
Summary available now

Borland Conference Anaheim (18-22 May)
Read the conference report from Bob Swart

Borland Previews C++ Tools (21 May)
for 2.5G/3G Mobile Applications on the Symbian™ Operating System

Future of BDE and SQL Links (15 May)
dbExpress to replace SQL Links, BDE frozen

Delphi for .NET previewed (2 May)
Borland also receives Jolt Hall of Fame award at SD West

Borland Previews (10 Apr)
Development Studio for Microsoft® .NET™ Framework

Sybase Signs Strategic Alliance Agreement (25 Mar)
with Borland to Bring Leading Java™ Development Environment to Sybase Customers

Borland Joins WSL (12 Mar)
Web Services Interoperability Organization

Delphi 6 Patch (21 Feb)
Update 2 is now available.

Borland Unveils Strategy (12 Feb)
for Microsoft .NET platform.

Delphi 6 Developer's Guide (31 Jan)
Authors Xavier Pacheco and Steve Teixeira are of the winners of the Delphi Informant Readers Choice Award for both Delphi 4 Developers Guide and Delphi 5 Developers Guide.
Delphi 6 Developers Guide is completely updated for Delphi 6 and includes and seven new chapters to include material on Borlands new CLX architecture, dbExpress Applications, developing with SOAP, and WebSnap.

Borland signs Software (30 Jan)
distribution agreement with Merisel.

Borland Enterprise Server (29 Jan)
certified as J2EE 1.3 compatible.

Borland Unviels JBuilder (29 Jan)
mobileset 2 for J2ME wireless application development.

Borland Unviels C++ (28 Jan)
application development strategy for 2002.

Borland Revenues (24 Jan)
rise 16%.

Borland Aquires (22 Jan)
VMGear in all cash transaction.

Borland Delivers (17 Jan)
JBuilder 6 Personal.

Borland Aquires (12 Jan)
IT Training services provider in Brazil.

Borland schedules (9 Jan)
fourth quarter 2001 conference call.

Borland Unifies Design (8 Jan)
development and deployment with Borland Enterprise Studio for Windows.


Borland Delivers new Platform (28 Nov)
for hosted software development.

Borland JBuilder 6 now (27 Nov)

Borland takes part in (26 Nov)
Global Tech Summit. Dale Fuller to join other industry executives discussing the impact of technology in the 21st century.

Borland & Nokia Collaborate (19 Nov)
on JBuilder MobileSet support for the Nokia Series 60 platform and a new Borland C++ Development environment for Nokia's Symbian OS-Based platform.

Borland AppServer (13 Nov)
gets highest combined rating in first J2EE Application Server Report from CSIRO.

Borland Demonstrates (13 Nov)
superior performanec on New Sun System with AppServer.

Java Adoption To (12 Nov)
be driven by Borland with new Software Platform

Borland Re-Elected to (7 Nov)
the Executive Committee of the Java Community Process.

Borland to Present (7 Nov)
at Merrill Lynch Software & Internet Conference.

JBuilder MobileSet Released (7 Nov)
for new Sun J2ME Wireless Toolkit.

Worldwide Webcast (7 Nov)
to be hosted by Borland on November 12, "Taking the J2EE Platform Mainstream".

Former BEA Executive (6 Nov)
appointed by Borland as Regional Vice President of Asia Pacific.

Kylix 2 Ships (6 Nov)
with the first Web Services Solution for Linux.

Borland Technology Used (1 Nov)
by Ericsson to build Center Service Provisioning Solution.

Borland Technology Used (30 Oct)
by Ericsson to build Carrier service Provisioning solution.

Borland Takes Lead (29 Oct)
in industry standard benchmarking of J2EE Application Servers.

Borland Adopts Successsor (26 Oct)
stockholder rights plan.

Borland Revenues Rise (25 Oct)
16 percent in third quarter.

Borland Software Profits Fall (25 Oct)
sharply in third quarter.

Borland Kylix2 Delivers (23 Oct)
first web services solution for Linux.

Borland Donates (16 Oct)
to the September 11th fund.

Borland Kylix Emerges (16 Oct)
as leading Linux application development solution.

Borland and Siemens Mobile (15 Oct)
advance Wireless Java development. JBuilder MobileSet now available to Siemens large community of Java developers.

Borland JBuilder (9 Oct)
chosen by ProBusiness to develop web-based Employee Administration application.

Borland Announce (8 Oct)
preliminary third quarter results.

Borland Software sees Q3 (8 Oct)
EPS range of 5-7 cents.

Borland and Nokia (8 Oct)
demonstrate integrated Wireless Technology. The companies extend their relationship to integrate Nokia Developer's Suite with Borland's JBuilder.

Borland and RedKnee Inc (2 Oct)
to enable advanced applications for mobile networks.

Dale Fuller (2 Oct)
elected to SIIA Board of Directors.

S1 Standardizes on (2 Oct)
Borland JBuilder for Application Development of Enterprise eFinance Solutions.

Two New Books Recommended(1 Oct)
Mastering Delphi 6, Marco Cantu, and Algorithms and Data Structures, Julian Bucknall. Highly recommended and now shipping.

Win an iPaq (26 Sep)
in Borland UK's E-business Project Survey.

Borland Announce (25 Sep)
web services strategy for Java.

Borland Signs (25 Sep)
distribution agreement with Ingram Micro for India.

Updated Source Code(20 Sep)
for Rob Bracken's Delphi & Kylix Wizard articles. Contains bug fixes.

CustomWare to Bring Borland (19 Sep)
and EJB/J2EE Training Courses Worldwide to Enterprise Customers.

Latest Downloads(19 Sep)
Code and slides from Joanna Carter's Model View Controller presentation at Old Trafford, Manchester.

Borland Re-Purchase (18 Sep)
$30 Million of outstanding common stock.

SonicMQ Selected (18 Sep)
by Borland to deliver industry leading e-Business Messaging to Borland Application Server.

Irish Newsgroup(14 Sep)
and page now available for Irish members.

The Links Section(14 Sep)
has been updated. Check it out and let us know of any we've missed.

Latest Downloads(13 Sep)
Rob's Delphi and Kylix code from Kylix Friendly Graphics presentation in Ireland, September 2001.

7thAnnual Borland Conference (12 Sep)
Join Borland in London or Noordwijkerhout for the Annual European Conference.

New Borland Web (28 Aug)
Strategy for Linux.

Latest Downloads(25 Aug)
Steve Scott's code from his "Program or Service, Why Decide?" session given at POSK in August.

Borland Establishes (20 Aug)
its first office in People's Republic of China.

Borland E-Learning (25 Jul)
now supports JBuilder 5.

Kylix Open Edition (25 Jul)
free download released by Borland to the Linux community.

Hiscom Chooses Borland (24 Jul)
AppServer and JBuilder Enterprise for web-based Healthcare Solutions.

Borland Announces New (23 Jul)
version of Enterprise Studio for Java.

Borland Files Claims (23 Jul)
against WebGain for Patent Infringement.

Delphi 6 Evaluation (20 Jul)
version available for free 60 day trial.

Free 60 Day Kylix (20 Jul)
trial available as Borland drive Rapid Application Development for Linux.

Free Download of JBuilder (20 Jul)
5 Personal Edition now available.

Borland Revenues Rise (19 Jul)
20% in Second Quarter, Net Income Increases 60%.

Borland Announces (17 Jul)
TeamSource Development Services Platform (DSP).

Borland Expands (16 Jul)
E-Learning series with Advanced Java Training.

IBPhoenix Release First (13 Jul)
Edition of FireBird. CDs available now for pre-order.

Presenters Wanted For (12 Jul)
the first O'Reilly Bioinformatics Conference.

Borland to Present (11 Jul)
at U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray Technology and Communications Conference.

New Educational Product Pricing (3 Jul)
New Educational Pricing Brings Cross-Platform Development and Web Services to Colleges and Universities.

Certicom and Borland (27 Jun)
Deliver Secure E-Business Enterprise Solutions with Borland Security Service.

Borland Delivers on (18 Jun)
Web Services Promises With Delphi 6.

DCon 2001: (17 Jun)
Conference files now available
Feedback Form, We want your comments.

Borland Promotes (15 Jun)
Frederick A. Ball to Executive Vice President.

Update Available for Indy (13 Jun)
components and demo projects that shipped with Kylix.

Borland Dominates (12 Jun)
the 2001 JavaPro Reader's Choice Awards.

JBuilder Wins JavaWorld (8 Jun)
Editors Choice Award.

Borland Receives (7 Jun)
Accolades from Industry Leaders at JavaOne.

Nokia and Borland to (5 Jun)
set Standard as Wireless Java apps shine at JavaOne Show.

Borland Reveals Java (4 Jun)
Wireless Product Roadmap

JBuilder 5 Now (4 Jun)
available with immediate effect.

Nokia and Borland (4 Jun)
Team Up to Enable Development of Wireless Java Applications.

SAP and Borland (4 Jun)
Partner to Integrate Java Development Environment.

FireBird 0.9.5 Snapshot (24 May)
builds have been released.

Borland Previews JBuilder 5 (21 May)
for Mac OS X.

JBuilder 5 launched (15 May)
Borland has released details of JBuilder 5.

Delphi 6 Announced (8 May)
Borland has released Delphi 6, the next generation in e-Business Development.

Borland Earnings (25 Apr)
Borland has increased revenue and earnings in the first quarter, the fourth consecutive quarter of profitability.

Borland Q1 results (13 Apr)
to be announced on Wednesday, April 25, 2001.

JBuilder 4 Wins Jolt Award Two Consecutive Years (12 Apr)
Borland JBuilder Named Winner In Software Development Magazine's Jolt Awards.

Borland Appoints (2 Apr)
Alan Shoap to VP and General Manager of Enterprise Business Unit.

FreeCLX is released (20 Mar)
by Borland. FreeCLX is the Open Source project for Borland's CLX Component Library for Linux.

3 Day IB Objects Workshop (2 Mar)
with IBO author, Jason Wharton, Frankfurt, Germany, March 5-7.

Borland Expands (1 Mar)
European operation with establishment of Nordic Office.

New Kylix Books(25 Feb)
available for pre-order.

New Delphi 6 Book(24 Feb)
available for pre-order.

Borland Wins (23 Feb)
eWeek eXCELLENCE Award with Borland JBuilder Enterprise.

Borland Appoints (21 Feb)
former Congressional Budget Chair, John R. Kasich, to Board of Directors.

Borland Expands E-Business (14 Feb)
Development Platform with the introduction of Borland Enterprise Studio Java Edition.

Borland Licences (14 Feb)
Macrovision's SafeDisc CD-ROM copy protection Technology.

CodeSite 2 (9 Feb)
from Raize Software has been released.

Borland Excellence (8 Feb)
JBuilder, AppCenter and VisiBroker recognized for Excellence in the Software Development Magazine's JOLT Awards.

New Global Partner Program (7 Feb)
Borland today announced a significantly enhanced Worldwide Partner Program in Support Of Its Global E-Business Strategy.

Apache Development (31 Jan)
radically simplified with the introduction of Borland Kylix.

Borland Announce Kylix (31 Jan)
at Linux Expo. Also announcment of Open Edition for free download later in the year.

JBuilder Foundation (31 Jan)
to be distributed by leading Linux vendors.

JBuilder Wireless (31 Jan)
Application Development as Borland Licences all Currently available J2ME Technologies from Sun

Kylix Available (31 Jan)
for pre-order in the USA.

Kylix Optimizes Data (31 Jan)
access for DB2 and Oracle 8i for web and Desktop on Linux.

Major Linux Distros (31 Jan)
cerified by Borland for use with Kylix.

Threads, Mike Scott(29 Jan)
Mike's excellent code from his Edinburgh Threads presentation is now available for download.

Borland Year End Report (25 Jan)
shows increased profitability and sets out an aggressive agenda for 2001.

Inprise becomes... (22 Jan)
Borland Software Corporation, effective 22 Jan 2001. The NASDAQ ticker will change from INPR to BORL.

InterBase Merge Modules (19 Jan)
to work with Windows Installer from MWA Software.

Security Fix Available (11 Jan)
for versions of InterBase 4.5 through 6 fixing an open back door.

Den Norske Bank Selects (10 Jan)
Borland VisiBroker and JBuilder to Build a complete Internet Banking Service.

IB DataPump v2.0.2 (10 Jan)
has been announced allowing you to pump data from any BDE/ODBC datasource into an IB database.

Motorola And Borland (10 Jan)
to deliver JBuilder Foundation Software to Developers.

Borland awarded Java (9 Jan)
patent for JIT compiler.

Referentia Systems Expand E-Learning (9 Jan)
agreement to cover all Borland Software Solutions.

Select Enterprise (8 Jan)
from Princeton Softech, is the first to support JBuilder4.

JBuilder 4 Named as Finalist (3 Jan)
in the 2001 Codie Awards.


Firebird InterBase Release (30 Dec)
The Win32 release of Firebird(InterBase) has been announced. There are also beta releases for Linux and an IB6 port to FreeBSD.

New versions of MSAccess/MSSQL Wizard, Free Alias Resolver, IBDatapump v2.01, IB Backup and IBLogManager are available too.

New InterBase Website (29 Dec)
to provide installation information on InterBase.

Borland and Lutris (21 Dec)
to empower Java Developers by including JBuilder 4 Foundation in Lutris Enhydra 3.5.

CBuilder 5 Developers Guide (15 Dec)
is now shipping. 1750 pages and a full CD!

Borland Announce (12 Dec)
AppServer version 4.5.

JBuilder 4 Wins (12 Dec)
PC Magazine Editors' Choice Award.

Thought Inc and Borland (12 Dec)
provide industrial strength solutions for E-Business.

Borland elected to (11 Dec)
the Executive Committee of the Java Community Process Program.

Downloads Updated (7 Dec)
with Steve Scott's ISAPI dll proxy code from POSK in October.

Borland collaborate (5 Dec)
with Entegrity solutions on a High Security e-Commerce Infrastructure.

The Future is .NET(4 Dec)
Steve Scott reports back on his two days at the Microsoft .NET Developer Conference. It's going to affect us all...

IB DataPump v2.0 (29 Nov)
now available from Alexandre Poloziouk.

Linux / Kylix Masterclass(27 Nov)
Charlie Calvert presents a special 2 day event, covering Linux and Kylix.

Firebird 0.9 Released (23 Nov)
IBPhoenix has released the betas of Firebird (InterBase) for download and testing.

Kylix Due Q1 2001 (17 Nov)
In an interview at Comdex, Mike Swindell mentions that Kylix is slated for a Q1 2001 ship date.

Borland Joins Gnome Foundation (15 Nov)
Advisory Board to support Linux Desktop with Kylix Development Platform.

Inprise Corporation (15 Nov)
today announced plans to change it's name to Borland Software Corporation.

Dual License for CLX (14 Nov)
CLX the Kylix framework will be released under a dual license.

JBuilder 4 Interactive (14 Nov)
training is now available from Referentia Systems.

Free Download of (13 Nov)
Borland JBuilder 4 Foundation is now available.

Borland Acquires (7 Nov)
E-Services firm to jumpstart ASP business.

InterBase DataPump (1 Nov)
version 1.2.4 released.

Borland Announces (24 Oct)
third quarter results showing revenues have increased.

New Preview Release (23 Oct)
of JBuilder Handheld Express for PalmOS.

IBAccess - Beta 0.95 (19 Oct)
An InterBase client application to allow users and administrators to perform common tasks in a friendly interface.

Australian Government (16 Oct)
Customer Services portal to be created by Borland, Computer Sciences Corporation and CiTR alliance.

Another Kylix Book(13 Oct)
has been announced. Delphi for Linux Developer's Guide is now available for pre-order.

Borland Appoints (13 Oct)
Frank Slootman to VP and General Manager of Software Products, bringing 15 years experience to the Management Team.

InterBase Migration Wizard (13 Oct)
for MsSQL and Access has been updated.

Defeat for IR35 (10 Oct)
The Professional Contractors Group has won its court battle to demand a judicial review of IR35 legislation.

Linux Firebird Boot Kit (8 Oct)
for IB Classic or SuperServer now available.

IB6 ODBC Driver available (6 Oct)
from Easysoft providing ODBC 3.5 access to Windows and Linux(Intel) platforms.

MSSQL and Access (5 Oct)
to InterBase Migration Wizard now available for Delphi.

RAVE 4 announced (4 Oct)
by Nevrona Designs. RAVE 4 is the latest update to the award winning ReportPrinter Pro.

Borland Supports BEA WebLogic (2 Oct)
Server family of products with JBuilder 4.

Kylix Books(30 Sep)
The first Kylix books have been pre-announced and are available for pre-order via our links to

Bankenes Betalingssentral Choose JBuilder (28 Sep)
and VisiBroker to roll out secure Customer Extranet.

JBuilder4 Showcased at Java Conference (25 Sep)
Today at the International Conference for Java (JC2) Borland announced shipment of JBuilder4.

Bob Swart on Kylix (23 Sep)
Bob has done a presentation on Kylix in Belgium and Holland. Here are the slides and comments.

Borland offer Free USA Seminars (22 Sep)
Borland On Tour offers free training in Java, Web and CORBA.

PHP4 Wrapper for InterBase (22 Sep)
is now available from PHPEveryWhere.

Borland launch Official Kylix page (21 Sep)
Borland have launched an "official" home for Kylix on the web.

Borland promote Nigel Brown (20 Sep)
to VP and General Manager, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

UUNET selects Application Server (19 Sep)
integrating multiple databases to provide a single overview of UUNET's network.

Raize Components Upgrade (18 Sep)
Version 2.52 of the popular Raize Components is now available

AppCenter 4 Available (12 Sep)
Inprise have announced that AppCenter 4 is now available.

CocoBase Optimized for Application Server (11 Sep)
CocoBase Enterprise, object relational mapping technology for EJB servers, has been optimized for Inprise Application Server

Borland Promote (6 Sep)
Kevin Cornell to Vice President and General Manager for the Americas.

JBuilder 4 Announced (5 Sep)
Borland today announced the JBuilder 4, the latest version of its award winning cross-platform development environment.

Expert for searching CodeCentral (1 Sep)
Jeff Overcash (TeamB) has released an article (with source) for an IDE Expert to access CodeCentral

InterBase 6.1 (1 Sep)
Borland has released binary build 6.1 of InterBase.

Optiva Bank chooses VisiBroker 4 (30 Aug)
Borland today announced that Optiva, one of the leading banks in Estonia, has chosen VisiBroker 4 to integrate all of its existing customer databases.

Borland & Sol-Tec bring online trading to Italian Financial Institutions (29 Aug)
Borland today announced that Sol-Tec, part of the Par-Tec group of companies, has selected Inprise Application Server 4.1 to deploy an innovative "online trading platform" based on Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB).

C++ Builder Update Packs available (28 Aug)
Patches for C++ Builder 5.0 and the free C++ Compiler v5.5 are now available

Jedi Code Library (28 Aug)
A description of the JEDI Code library initiative.

Borland Joins IBM & Microsoft to support Itanium processor (22 Aug)
Today at the Intel Developer Forum, Borland announced that Borland will port JBuilder, Application Server, VisiBroker for Java and JDataStore to platforms based on the Intel Itanium processor including Windows2000 64-bit and Red Hat Linux 64 bit.

Free TurboDebugger for C++ v5.5 (21 Aug)
Borland today announced it is releasing a free download of Turbo Debugger (for C++ v5.5) on its Web site.

Open Letter to Delphi and BCB Community (21 Aug)
Simon Thornhill, Vice President and General Manager of the Borland RAD Tools Group, writes an open letter to members of the Delphi and C++Builder community.

Societe Generale extends online serivces (21 Aug)
Borland today announced that leading international bank Société Générale has selected Inprise VisiBroker to form the backbone of its online services deployment.

Borland & IBM offer Java for Linux (15 Aug)
Borland today announced that it is licensing the IBM Developer Kit for Linux, Java 2 Technology Edition, Version 1.3.

Inprise Application Server (10 Aug)
Borland announces the shipment and immediate availability of the Inprise Application Server 4.1.

Negotiations to sell InterBase terminated (31 Jul)
Borland announces that it has terminated negotiations regarding the sale of the InterBase product line.

Interbase 6.0 released (26 Jul)
Borland announces the immediate availability of Open Source InterBase 6.0.

New Cross-Platform Data Access Layer (19 Jul)
dbExpress is Borland's new cross-platform data access layer that will first be available when the products produced by the Kylix project are released.

Latest screen shots for Kylix (13 Jul)
This series includes: The editor window, The editor properties dialog, The debug menu and The project open dialog

Plans for Increased Co-operation in Marketing and Product Development (13 Jul)
Entegrity Solutions Corporation and Borland, announce their joint intention to move towards the incorporation of Entegrity's access management security offerings into future Borland products

JBuilder Support For Apple's Mac (13 Jul)
Borland announces plans to provide its JBuilder pure Java development environment for Apple's new Aqua graphical user interface

Borland simplify Apache Development (13 Jul)
Borland announces full support of native database driven Apache Server applications in Kylix and in future Delphi versions.

InterBase 1987 Documentation Set (3 Jul)
InterBase have released the 1987 version of the documentation for free download. This includes the BLR and call interface documentation.

Notice to the InterBase Community (30 Jun)
An open notice to all from Dale Fuller and Ann Harrison on the progress of separating InterBase from Borland

Visual Basic Developers fast path to Linux (23 Jun)
Borland today announced a solution, which gives Visual Basic developers worldwide an entry into the exploding Linux market by taking advantage of the cross-platform capabilities of Borland Delphi.

Spirit of Delphi Award(23 Jun)
From the beginning, Delphi has always had a special aura about it. This is due in large part to the very special group of people who have, what can only be described as, the Spirit of Delphi. Vote for this years winner...

TopStyle 1.52 released (23 Jun)
the Cascading Style Sheet editor and checker, version 1.52 is now available.

InterBase added Mandrake Linux (14 Jun)
InterBase, the small footprint high-performance relational database designed to be embedded into applications on multiple platforms has now been added to the Mandrake Linux distribution.

Visual VCL Component Help (13 Jun)
The Visual VCL Component Help application provides an intiutive point and click interface to allow for the rapid development of help for components written in Delphi Pascal for both Delphi and CBuilder components.

New Vice President of Corporate Services (12 Jun)
To reinforce its commitment to the continued growth of Inprise/Borland's enterprise software solutions and services, the company today announced the appointment of Roger Barney to vice president of corporate services.

Three Major Milestones During JavaOne (12 Jun)
Borland today announced three key developments in the company's mission to offer the best enterprise software solutions to help companies bring their businesses to the Internet.

First screen shots of Kylix (6 Jun)
Dr.Bob's Programming Clinic website now has the first official screen shots of Kylix on Gnome and KDE

InterBase 6.0 Beta: Licensing extended (17 May)
Licenses will extend the 6.0 beta kits until August 31, 2000.

Corel and Inprise terminate merger (17 May)
Corel Corporation today announced that its merger agreement with Inprise/Borland Corporation has been terminated by mutual agreement of the two companies without payment of any termination fees.

Kylix discussion list (16 May) website has launched a Kylix tech support mailing list to compliment it's existing C++ Builder and Delphi tech lists.

New Kylix Resource (16 May)
Dr.Bob's Programming Clinic website today launched a new section which will be devoted to Kylix - the Linux edition of Delphi and C++Builder.

Shell Control Pack 1.5a (15 May)
Shell Control Pack version 1.5a has been released with support for Windows 2000 list-view columns and a number of fixes.

Visibroker for C++ 4.0 (15 May)
Borland today announced the shipment and immediate availability of VisiBroker for C++ version 4.0, its award-winning Object Request Broker.

InterBase Express Update (11 May)
IBX version 4.1 Update has been released by InterBase.

News regarding Troll Tech and Borland (30 Apr)
Michael Swindell, Director of Linux Tools, provides some details of Borland's plans for Kylix

BCB-Tools - TDx_Library Update (29 Apr)
The upgraded component libraries incorporate some new features that are very powerful when used correctly, such as the new multiwrapper component class that allows access to many DirectX structures of the same type via the same component.

Troll Tech and Borland Collaborate on Linux GUI (27 Apr)
Troll Tech and Inprise/Borland today announced a technology licensing agreement covering Troll Tech's Qt graphical user interface (GUI) application framework.

Inprise Board Requests Update of Fairness Opinion in Corel Merger (27 Apr)
Inprise/Borland today announced that its Board of Directors has requested the Company's financial advisor, Broadview International LLC, to update its opinion as to the fairness to Inprise/Borland stockholders, from a financial point of view, of the exchange ratio in the Company's previously announced merger transaction with Corel Corporation.

Inprise First Quarter 2000 Results (27 Apr)
Inprise Corporation today announced financial results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2000, which ended March 31, 2000. For the first quarter, revenues were $46.5 million, up from $43.4 million in the same period a year ago.

Bank of America Chooses Application Server (27 Apr)
Borland today announced that Bank of America's Global Corporate Investment Bank (GCIB) has chosen the Inprise Application Server for their EBusiness solution.

What Are You Doing With Borland C++ v5.5 ? (25 Apr)
Tons of developers have downloaded the free Borland C++ Compiler version 5.5. What are you doing with it? David and other Inquiring minds would like to know.

New Midas XML server (21 Apr)
Borland today announced the immediate availability of Borland MIDAS 3, middleware technology and components for rapidly building Delphi and C++ Builder Internet applications.

Installing InterBase on Corel Linux (19 Apr)
InterBase does not work with the Corel Linux 1.0 distribution, as it installs out of the box. Here are the steps you need to take to get InterBase up and running with Corel Linux 1.0.

Evaluate Existing v5.x InterBase (15 Apr)
InterBase Software is scheduled to release InterBase 6.0 for Linux, Windows and Solaris in open source format this summer.

In order to help us better understand the demand for these existing ports we are now making available for download, evaluation copies for many of them.

Running InterBase 6 on FreeBSD (15 Apr)
InterBase Software is proud to announce a swift and much appreciated contribution to the InterBase Platform and Community.  Geoffrey C. Speicher, Software Engineer of Software Engineering Associates, has taken the time to put together some very helpful instructions on how to get the InterBase 6.0 Super Server Beta for Linux up and running on FreeBSD 4.0 in Linux emulation mode.

In the Museum: Turbo C++ version 1.01 available for free download (14 Apr)
Turbo C++ version 1 was our first compiler that supported the C++language. The C++ compiler conformed to AT&T's 2.0 specification for the C++ language

IPL First Draft (12 Apr)
InterBase today released the first draft of the InterBase Public License

Inprise/Borland Conference 2000 (11 Apr)
For more than a decade, the annual Inprise/Borland Conference has been the learning event of choice for the software development community.

Borland And Hitachi Strengthen Co-Development Relationship With Amendments To Ten-Year Licensing Agreement (11 Apr)
Inprise/Borland Corporation and Hitachi, Ltd, one of the world's leading vendors of reliable enterprise software systems, today announced that they have signed a worldwide amendment to an existing licensing agreement for CORBA and Java Development Technology.

Corel and Inprise-Borland Announce Expiration of Antitrust Waiting Period for Merger (10 Apr)
Corel Corporation and Inprise/Borland Corporation today announced that the waiting period has expired under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976 regarding the definitive merger agreement between Inprise/Borland and Corel Corporation.

Borland Files Complaint Against IONA Technologies For Unfair Business Practices (7 Apr)
Inprise/Borland Corporation today announced that it has filed a complaint with the Superior Court for the State of California against IONA Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: IONA) and its parent corporation, IONA Technologies PLC, for unfair business practices and violations of contractual obligations. Inprise/Borland is seeking injunctive relief, restitution and damages.

Interbase Collation Kit (Draft) (31 Mar)
This paper describes how to create a custom collation or character set driver for InterBase

Inprise/Borland Java Development Tools Win Multiple Awards (31 Mar)
Inprise/Borland today announced that two of its popular Java development tools, JBuilder and JBuilder JIT, have won multiple awards over the past weeks

Gimbal Software Services releases version 1.6 of Marathon (30 Mar)
Marathon is an SQL Tool that allows you to create and manage SQL Database metadata. It is not designed to be a CASE or Database design tool, rather a sophisticated replacement for the "Notepad and ISQL"

InterBase 6 Feature List available (29 Mar)
A preliminary feature list set is now available for viewing at InterBase

first-e Banks On Inprise Application Server (28 Mar)
Inprise Corporation today announced that first-e, Europe's first Internet-only bank, is using Inprise Application Server 3 in its core banking architecture.

Inprise/Borland's Kylix Project Builds Strong Third Party Network For Linux (24 Mar)
Inprise/Borland this week hosted more than 200 third-party authors, consultants, trainers and tool and component vendors for the first in a series of worldwide events designed to prepare third party products and services for Kylix.

Public Field Test of Interbase 6 (22 Mar)
Pre-Open Source Beta Version of InterBase 6.0 for Linux, Windows and Solaris Is Now Available for Free Download

Getting a glimpse of Kylix (21 Mar)
On Monday, March 20, 150 tool and component builders gathered at Borland's Scotts Valley headquarters for the Kylix Kick Start seminar: a first glimpse at project Kylix.

New InterBase Mailing List (19 Mar)
InterBase announce the creation of a mailing list to discuss InterBase's architecture. You can join the IB-Architecture mailing list and start participating today.

Bill Karwin comments on the future of IBPerl (19 Mar)
IBPerl is my Perl 5 interface for InterBase application programming. I'm maintaining and enhancing IBPerl to be a robust solution for Perl developers to use InterBase. I'll continue to offer IBPerl as a free and open source product, and to add features to it.

Prepare for Kylix: The Compiler and RTL (15 Mar)
Recent articles and Borland/Inprise press announcements have stirred up a lot of questions lately. Perhaps the question on many Delphi and C++Builder developers' lips is "Just what exactly is Kylix?"

Borland Boosts Cross-platform Java Development with JBuilder 3.5 (14 Mar)
Leading Java Tool Ships with Support for All Leading Platforms: Linux, Windows and Solaris

InterBase 6.0 for Linux now available for download (13 Mar)
InterBase 6.0 for Linux now available for download on InterBase web site. (

Inprise To Supply Ericsson For Network Management Integration (23 Feb)
Inprise Corporation today announced that Ericsson has selected VisiBroker CORBA technology as a key part of its Operation Support System (OSS).

Inprise/Borland Sells Scotts Valley Building to Scanlankemperbard (18 Feb)
Inprise/Borland today announced it has entered into an agreement to sell its Scotts Valley facility to ScalanKemperBard Companies (SKB) for $47 million

Inprise/Borland Launches Free Borland C++ Compiler (16 Feb)
Inprise/Borland today announced it is releasing its latest ANSI C/C++ compiler technology, the Borland C++ 5.5 Compiler and associated command line tools, for free download on its Web site.

Borland And TurboLinux To Partner To Globally Expand Linux Technologies (16 Feb)
Inprise/Borland today announced a strategic alliance with TurboLinux Inc., a leader in high-performance Linux software and services. Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement, the companies plan to cooperate to test, certify, integrate, enhance and market their products for the Linux Operating System (OS) for worldwide distribution.

Sabre Selects Inprise/Borland's VisiBroker And Appcenter Products To Build Its New E-Commerce Framework (15 Feb)
Borland today announced that Sabre Inc., the global leader in information technology services for the travel and transportation industry, has selected Borland's leading VisiBroker and AppCenter software products.

Delphi is Alive and Well. Thank you very much! (15 Feb)
I know you. I know how you think and I know you love to program. I know how you sweat and work until the early morning hours. I know how you try to keep your clients happy (even the ones who you know you'll never please). Maybe you work in a large IT dept It doesn't matter - I know you too. You see, I've been there. follow the link for more of this article

Antique Software: Turbo C version 2.01available for free download (15 Feb)
Turbo C 2.01 provided everything you needed, all of the tools, included in one environment. Turbo C 2.01 provided tight integration between the editor, compiler, linker, and debugger.

Borland Forms New Company To Open-Source InterBase 6 (14 Feb)
nprise/Borland today announced the formation of a new company that will provide service, support and hosting for a new version of InterBase®, the first open-source embedded relational database product.

Borland C++ Compiler 5.5 (11 Feb)
The Borland C++ Compiler 5.5 (BCC) is the core of Inprise's C++ compiler technology. Borland C++ Compiler 5.5 is a blazingly fast 32-bit optimizing compiler. It includes the latest ANSI/ISO C++ compliance including the RTL, the STL framework and C++ template support. And now, Borland C++ Compiler 5.5 is openly available for free download!

Antique Software: Turbo Pascal v5.5 available for free download (11 Feb)
Combining the simplicity of Apple's Object Pascal language with the power and efficiency of C++ to create Turbo Pascal 5.5, the object-oriented programming language for the rest of us.

Charlie Calvert announces the Winners of the Flame Contest! (10 Feb)
I'm pleased to announce the winners of this month's gaming contest. We have a first place winner in the C++ and Delphi categories, one runner up in the C++ category, and two runners up in the Delphi category. There were no entries in the JBuilder category. I was the reluctant judge of this month's contest, but you can, of course, download and test all the entries yourself.

Antique Software: Turbo Pascal v3.02 available for free download (10 Feb)
Turbo Pascal 3 was the first Turbo Pascal version to support overlays, the Intel 8087 math co-processor and BCD math.

Corel / Inprise/Borland Merger to Create Linux Powerhouse (7 Feb)
Corel Corporation and Inprise/Borland Corporation today announced that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement.

New On-line Linux Survey, New Linux Community on Company's Web (2 Feb)
Inprise/Borland delivered several announcements as a part of its ongoing commitment to the Linux community.

Availability Of Inprise Application Server 4.0 For The Linux Platform (2 Feb)
At Linux World, Inprise/Borland today announced the Inprise Application Server 4.0 for the Linux platform.

New VisiBroker For Java 4.0 for Linux (1 Feb)
At Linux Expo in Paris, France, Borland today announced VisiBroker for Java 4.0, the Linux version of its CORBA ORB.

Inprise Announces Fourth Quarter And Year-End 1999 Results (27 Jan)
Inprise/Borland Corporation today announced financial results for the fourth quarter and for the fiscal year that ended December 31, 1999. For the fourth quarter, revenues were $45.5 million, down from $48.1 million in the same period a year ago.

Borland Announces Borland C++ Builder 5 (26 Jan)
Inprise/Borland today announced Borland C++Builder 5, a new version of its award-winning ANSI C++ development system.

Wireless Maingate Selects Inprise Application Server (17 Jan)
Inprise Corporation today announced that Wireless Maingate selected the Inprise Application Server as the backbone of their innovative wireless machine to machine (M2M) communication project.

Inprise/Borland Announces Venture Fund (13 Jan)
Inprise/Borland's interim president and chief executive officer Dale Fuller today announced plans to invest $60 million in start-up businesses focused on wireless technologies, Internet Access Infrastructure, and Linux applications and technologies. The announcement was made today at the Needham & Company's 2nd Annual Growth Conference in New York City.

Inprise UK Sets up shop on the web (10 Jan)
Inprise UK launches the Inprise online shop at

Trans Solutions Systems Selects Borland To Web-Enable Its Business Solutions (6 Jan)
Inprise/Borland today announced that Trans Solutions Systems, Inc. (TSS) chose Inprise/Borland's Delphi® 5 Enterprise Edition to Web-enable its TranShip 2000 software solution.

Inprise/Borland Marks Transition To 2000 With No Y2K Disruptions To Date (6 Jan)
Inprise Corporation today announced that, as expected, both its internal systems, as well as its tested product lines, have successfully transferred to the new year with no technical problems or disruptions of service.

Inprise/Borland Leads Linux Charge: Open-Sources InterBase (3 Jan)
Inprise Corporation today announced that it plans to jump to the forefront of the Linux database market by open-sourcing InterBase 6, the new version of its cross-platform SQL database. Inprise plans to release InterBase in open-source form for multiple platforms, including Linux, Windows NT, and Solaris.


Bayshore Christian Ministries Announces Grant From Inprise Corporation (23 Dec)
Bayshore Christian Ministries, an organization serving youth in East Palo Alto and eastern Menlo Park, today announced it has received a $100,000 grant from Inprise Corporation

New VisiBroker 3.3 (16 Dec)
Inprise Corporation today announced the immediate availability of VisiBroker 3.3 for Delphi. With Inprise's VisiBroker for Delphi, developers can quickly create and deploy distributed applications in computing environments including Windows and Linux.

New versions of InterBase for Novell Netware and WindowsNT (25 Oct)
New Version of Inprise’s Embedded Database Offers Customers Enhanced Functionality and Reliability

Inprise And Corel Form Strategic Alliance (28 Sep)
Inprise Corporation and Corel Corporation today announced a strategic alliance to accelerate commercial mainstreaming of Linux technology.

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