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The future is dotNET
Steve Scott reports
I have just spent two days at the Microsoft .NET developer conference. The main thing I have learnt is that it would be a serious mistake to assume that, because this new technology is called .NET, it is only to do with the Internet. I was told that this project has been in development for over three years involving hundreds of developers. This initiative is at the core of Windows itself and, to Windows programmers, will represent as big a change as the move from DOS to Windows was all those years ago.

The .NET platform will not be integrated into MS operating systems until the end of 2001, but will probably be available piecemeal before then. The .NET platform also has the potential to be integrated into other OS's.

Ex Delphi architect Anders Heijlsberg is one of the leading lights on this project and quite a lot will be familiar to us Borland Developers. What should we be doing about .NET? Well, it's a little early to say. At this stage Borland have made no announcements about their intentions in this area.

I am keeping my eye on things and will hopefully be able to bring you more info in the next few months.

See Craig Murphy's view of .NET and Delphi at the Edinburgh meeting in January,
and Ben Wintringham explains what it's all about at the Irish meeting in February.

Web Reference .NET Developer Center at MSDN.

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