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Delphi Developer Days 2013

Bob Swart (aka Dr.Bob -

Developer Group - Share Your Expertise

You don’t have to be an international expert to talk at Developer Group meetings or write for our magazine: nobody knows more about your applications than you do.
We’re putting together a new season of even more useful and interesting meeting sessions and magazine articles, and would like to invite all members to pluck up their courage and volunteer a session or article (or two). The categories we’ll be covering are:
Back To Basics
Actual Working Demonstrations (about 45-60 minutes)
which take a practical look at a subject from the ground up, explaining what it is and what it enables you to do, giving real world examples which members can utilise immediately in their work.

Possible topics include: Any component within Delphi - its creation, reason for use and variations. For example,

    TApplication TEdit TList TTreeView TListView Classes TStream TImage TCollection TClientDataSet
Third Party Tools And Components
Any Tool or Component Not a Standard Part of Delphi (30-90 minutes).
What it is does and why you use it (or don’t use it). The speaker must have used it in practical application (and may also refer to a review or reviews published in our Developers’ Magazine).
Case Studies & Software Development Techniques
A Demonstration of an Application you have Developed in a Borland Tool (60-90 minutes).
Share your own experiences with other members. The application can be of any size and need not even have been completed.

Focusing on one or more aspects, such as how you approached a particular business requirement, what problems you encountered, in what aspects you succeeded or failed. This section also includes comparative sessions, e.g. database selection, methodologies and CLX vs VCL.

Advanced Development & Techniques
Detailed Real World Programming Techniques and Examples (60-90 minutes).
Any session which assumes a certain (stated) level of previous knowledge of other (stated) subjects. Combines technologies from basic sessions and shows how to use them. For example,
    ASP COM interoperability with dotNET Client/Server Techniques Advanced SQL Working with Microsoft SQL Server and Delphi Microsoft Office Automation Using OpenGL in Delphi Multi-User Database Techniques
Introduction To Technologies
An Overview of a New or Recent Technology (30-60 minutes).
What it is, what it does, how it fits into contemporary computing (in the form of a slide show or demo, but not showing how to do it). For example,
    dotNET Palm Wireless SOAP XML Web Applications C# MTS IIS Index Server
Why Should You Speak At Meetings And/Or Write Articles?
    To promote your name, your company and your technical abilities
    To practice your public speaking/writing in an informal and friendly environment
    To add to the Developer Group pool of knowledge for everyone's benefit
Please email with your offers and any questions. We're looking for speakers for meetings in all parts of the British Isles, and authors for the magazine.
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