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Developer Group Delphi Technical Support

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Developer Group Delphi Technical Support Contracts

Developer Group Delphi Technical Support provides telephone based development advice for members of the Developer Group who use Delphi. The scope of the service also covers Delphi development in conjunction with popular databases InterBase, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Access and Paradox (although the support team will not necessarily be conversant with every connectivity technology or every feature of each database).

After initial telephone contact, where applicable, sections of your code may be transmitted via fax or e-mail to Developer Group Delphi Technical Support for examination. Feedback to this comprises advice, examples and discussions of the code and does not provide a code writing or re-writing service.

Regrettably, there will be some installation and configuration questions which the service will be unable to answer as they do not fall under the remit of this service. For these, members are advised to take advantage of Borland's free “up and running” support service.

Developer Group Delphi Technical Support is available every working weekday between 9.30 a.m and 5.00 p.m.

Developer Group Delphi Technical Support contract is available to any Developer Group member (and his/her two co-members named on the group membership application) by contract only. Use of Developer Group Delphi Technical Support is available from receipt of payment at Developer Group offices until expiry of all units or time provided by the contract.

Premier and Corporate Members have an automatic allowance of 15 units per annum. All members may purchase contracts as required in multiples of 5 units (see rates table). A Developer Group Delphi Technical Support contract is of one year's duration. At the end of the twelve-month period, any unused units expire. In most circumstances, one unit will represent one call to the service. Most calls to the service last ten minutes or less.

However, extra units may be deducted at the discretion of the operator for calls which comprise several distinct questions, long calls regarding complex issues, or calls which require significant investigative work to be carried out off-line. Callers are notified of any extra deductions before they are made. Operators will deduct units in a fair and generous manner. The guaranteed minimum worth of one unit is one distinct question or ten minutes total work (including time off-line) on that question.

Using the Service
For optimum benefit from the service, before you ring, please make sure that you have full information to hand on the problem you are encountering and its environment, i.e. operating system platforms, network protocols, products/version numbers, etc.

Developer Group Delphi Technical Support Rates

Number of Units Cost(£ Sterling + VAT currently at 17.5 %)
5 80.00
10 140.00
15 175.00
20 220.00
30 300.00
40 360.00
50 400.00

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