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Summer, 2002 Kylix 2 Development
Eric Whipple, Rick Ross, Nick Hodges.

From its simple beginnings, Linux has emerged as a powerful server operating system with a remarkable desktop environment and user interface. With Kylix, Linux developers now have a rapid application development tool for generating applications. Kylix 2 Development covers a wide range of topics from the simplest of client/server programs to the intricacies of writing complex multithreaded and multiprocess applications, including object-oriented programming, CLX components, dbExpress, DataCLX, WebSnap, Web Services, NetCLX, and CORBA.

February, 2002 Delphi/Kylix Database Development
Eric Harmon

Bob Swart says of this book : Delphi/Kylix Database Development is a book of 400 pages about a relatively narrow topic. This is a good thing, as it saves you from having to skip the first few hundred pages that introduce Delphi and/or ObjectPascal (as I often encounter in Delphi books). This book assumes you already know Delphi and ObjectPascal, but have little or no experience using dbExpress, the new cross-platform data-access layer for Delphi, Kylix or C++Builder...... All in all, it's a good book with lots of detail when it comes to dbExpress.

January, 2002 The Tomes of Kylix : The Linux Api
Glenn Stephens

The Tomes of Kylix: The Linux API guides developers through the fundamental Linux system function calls and programming interfaces, covering the core aspects of Linux development from file processing and interprocess communication to threading issues and sockets. Each chapter focuses on a key Linux technology and provides an extensive reference to the relevant functions, along with a demonstration application.

December, 2001 Kylix Developer's Guide
Charlie Calvert, Majorie Calvert, John Kaster, Bob Swart, David Intersimone.

Kylix Developer's Guide includes three main themes. First, the book recognized that much of its audience will be Windows developers who need to understand basic Linux development strategies, so there will be information throughout the book offering insight on how to leverage Windows development knowledge to the Linux platform. There will be significant coverage of the tools and features of the Kylix environment, but the book assumes that readers will be familiar with RAD development tools generally. Finally, there is extensive coverage of how to apply the CLX library in building solid applications. The book will also discuss cross-platform development strategies.

November, 2001 Kylix: The Professional Developer's Guide And Reference
Jon Shemitz.

Kylix: The Professional Developer's Guide And Reference has something for everyone: from Delphi and VB programmers moving from Windows, to Linux C++ and Perl programmers curious about this hot new extreme programming tool for Linux. The first three sections - about Object Pascal, the IDE and the CLX, and Linux - are linear and straightforward enough to be read as tutorials, yet detailed and organized enough to be used as a reference. The fourth section contains detailed walkthroughs of a couple of sample projects, while the Appendices contain particularly useful reference material as well as highlighting the differences between Kylix and Visual Basic and between Kylix and Delphi.

July, 2001 Building Kylix Applications
Cary Jensen and Loy Anderson

Build, test, and deploy highly efficient applications for Linux quickly and easily using this practical resource. Well-known Kylix expert Cary Jensen shows you everything you need to master this new hot RAD tool-from initial development steps to deploying Web-based applications. Get details on Kylix’s RAD frameworks, database applications and datasets, extending the code editor, using Internet Direct to create socket clients and servers, and much more.

May, 2001 Kylix Power Solutions
Don Taylor, Jim Mischel & Tim Gentry

Kylix will be the first proven, widely-available RAD system for Linux. Packed with programming solutions, Kylix Power Solutions with Don Taylor, Jim Mischel, and Tim Gentry focuses on moving from Windows to Linux. Written by Kylix experts and respected software developers, this book provides readers with accurate, understandable, easy to use, and dependable programming approaches and solutions to problems faced when programming with Kylix. It also helps readers understand the whys of Kylix and Linux as well as the hows, using carefully documented commentary on why each approach is used.

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